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Pet Insurance – Is It Worth It


Have you ever thought of signing up for Pet Insurance and if it’s Worth It? Unless you ever had a pet that got seriously sick or had had a pet who had an accident, you probably don’t know how expensive treatments or live saving medical care can get. Consider yourself lucky if you never had to go through the emotional experience of having a terribly sick or injured pet. Chance are, you eventually will come across one of your pets who will need medical care for one reason or another.

Unfortunately I had several experiences with a host of medical problems along the years of owning pets of all sizes. It does not matter the size of your pet, in my case Dogs, Horses, Birds, and Bunnies, you become emotionally attached to all of them. They become like children, particularly when they get sick.

Like with Medical Care for Humans, Medical Care for Pets can get incredibly expensive. Just a simple X-ray or ultrasound, which is very likely to be required at some point of your pets life, runs in the hundreds. I spend thousands on medical diagnostics like ultrasound and MRI on by late beloved Golden Retriever “Sasha”, who had 2 herniated disks, but ended passing away from a seizure in the morning of scheduled back surgery. I had no insurance to help pay.



My late Dalmatian “Mozart” was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia. Initially I had insurance but dropped it because he was very young and healthy. I ended up spending thousands in diagnostics, medications, and treatments such as Chiropractic care and Acupuncture. Once he was diagnosed I was not able to insurance coverage for his disease. Again, thousands of dollars came out of my pocket with no insurance to cover any care.


On a bigger scale and another incredible heartbreaking experience, our beloved Puppy “Lucky” got diagnosed with B-Cell Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the very young age of 14 months. Being desperate to save her life I ended up spending $ 10,000+ on Diagnostics, Chemo and Medications. I stopped counting after the $ 10,000 mark and she ended up passing away 9 weeks later.


When you love your pet you want to give them the best care you can possibly afford. Unfortunately, many Pet Owners are unaware of the tremendous cost they face, should your pet need serious medical care. Often Pet Owners end up in huge financial depth over the decision to help. More often people are not able to give the necessary treatment and care, simply because they can’t afford it.

When I purchased/adopted 2 Horses, I decided to give Pet Health Insurance a try. It made sense since I figured bigger animals, bigger cost of medical care. One was fully insured, however my adopted horse who was blind in one eye and had arthritis in the legs per my vet’s diagnosis, had an exclusion which would not cover his eyes not lameness issues.


Low and behold, at 2 years old, my young horse coliked. He ended up in the Equine Hospital and this time Insurance payed for treatments and care for 5 days. This one incident cost $ 1,500 and was fully covered by insurance. Luckily no surgery was needed, which would have been $ 8,000 – 10,0000 minimum, and would have been covered by insurance. My premium was around $ 600 per year, so you can see it was well worth it. The coverage saved me almost $ 1,000 out of pocket expenses if you deduct the premium. Not bad.


Make sure you know what an insurance covers and what is excluded. Many Pet Insurance Companies will provide you with a general plan, and I advise to read the plan carefully. Talk to a live person who can answer all of your questions, so you know what you get. Many companies let you customize you plan to your Pets needs. Insurance is something you may want to consider when your pet is young and healthy. Once diagnosed with an illness or disease, you won’t get coverage.

Don’t think that because your pet is young and healthy you won’t need coverage until they get older. We found out the hard way with that puppies are prone to accidents and illnesses, because of their immature and weak immune systems. Read about “Lucky’s Journey with Lymphoma” what happens when you dog is diagnosed with an illness.  Learn from our experience from what to do and what you may not want to do.

Apparently Lymphoma is very common in Dogs. I never heard about this before in dogs, but now I realize that it can happen at any age, and the cost are enormous. Unfortunately, once your pet is diagnosed with a disease or illness, you won’t be able to get coverage and the diagnosed medical problems will be excluded from coverage. You will be left with a choice of paying for your Pet’s Medical Care out of pocket, unfortunately many people can’t provide much needed medical care and end up heartbroken.

My take on Pet Insurance. I do not carry Pet Insurance on any of my animals anymore. My TIP. Create a separate saving account. Put a certain amount into savings every month. By the time you ever need money for the care of you pet, you may have enough to cover if not all, at least portion of the cost.