Meeting Our New Vet Today – Journey with Lucky

Lucky had a couple of downward days. After the Chemo on Monday Lucky was pretty lethargic and refused to eat again on Tuesday. Somewhat expected after chemo but concerning since the eating has declined since Saturday and she has lost weight. She doesn’t seem to be excited about any food I offer. A little bite of chicken here, a little bite of yogurt there, that’s about it.

Concerned, I called the Oncology Clinic the next day and took her in for a CBC (Blood Work). It came back normal and once again i try to remind myself to not jump the gun. It is starting to get even more expensive because I am being paranoid of something bad to happen. Since Lucky’s amazing response to the first chemo, I am expecting the same to happen with every subsequent treatment, and this impatience has a price tag.

On Wednesday I decided to stop by a Vet Clinic close to my house and transferred all my dogs, 4 of them, to the new Vet Clinic. I thought it was important to have a Vet close, in case something happens. Emergency Rooms are extremely expensive, hence a close Vet makes sense. I can say that this is part of why I am jumping the gun sometimes.

I am afraid to miss the boat and end up in the Emergency Room and another $ 1000.oo bill. But being paranoid is adding up too, so my advise to you is: “Don’t jump the gun, but don’t miss the signs of when it is time to call for help either.” A very difficult thing to do when you have a sick pet and want to do what’s right.

Today was our first Visit with our New Vet. Sadie got checked for the usual yearly stuff and scheduled for a teeth cleaning. The Vet thought in addition to her arthritis and back issue she also has popping in one knee, which may indicate a partially or completely torn ACL. This is good new because there are surgical options to repair.

Lucky got checked for her lymph nodes, which I thought had gotten bigger and another CBC Blood Panel to sent to our Oncologist. Being a patient at the Vet Clinic close to home makes it more convenient, quicker and cheaper if Lucky needs a CBC done quickly. The results were immediately. As bad as I thought she was this is what she did when we got home. Not feeling so shabby after all, which always gives me hope after a downer day.