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Luxury Dog Crates – Travel Totes – Beds – Covers

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Whether you are planning on a vacation or just a short weekend trip out of town, your life will be a lot easier if you have some travel essentials for your dog on hand. Many of us don’t like to leave our pets behind and make those extra arrangements for a trip with pets. Here is a list of travel essentials you may want to prepare in advance so you can just grab and go. Check out these Luxury Dog Crates – Travel Totes – Beds – Covers and other stuff to make an outing easier and fun.

1. Travel Totes (look for Airline Approved Totes like this one here just in case), depends on the size of your dog. Here are some of the cutest Travel Totes out there if you like to travel in style. These are suitable for your smaller travel companions. Note: Can also be used for other animals. We have used ours for our birds before.

When you have a medium to large size pet, you need to think about more room. You are looking for a travel crate and again, prefer one that is airline approved just in case you ever need to fly. These crates have many used. Besides being used for Travel and Crate Training, i have used our crate as a permanent part of furniture in the home. They are a save haven for my dogs when they want to rest. They are extremely convenient if you need to temporarily confine your pet due to injuries or other health problems, when you have visitors or services in you home, or when you need your pet to have a little time out. Here are some really nice medium to large size travel crates you can choose from.

For bigger Crates you also need to think about inserts. Some Travel Crates come with easy to clean and water resistant pads, but if you used the crate in your home you may want a better padded and comfortable pad insert. Look at some of these. Hint: I like pads that are washable or have a zipper to wash the cover.

Since I use 2 or our Crates in the Home as Doggie Hideouts, I covered them with a Crate Cover. Dogs feel more secure and they like it dark and quiet when resting. My dogs love to go into their Doggie Coves to get away from crazy Kids and noises 🙂

For people who love to venture into the wild and love being outdoors, I found some cool stuff for your pets too. Whether you love camping out or just going for a picnic, there is no reason to leave you dog(s) at home. Here are some things that can make live easier outdoors.

I hope this helps to shop for travel, home and outdoors essentials when taking your pet with you.