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Luxury Dog Beds

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For many dog owners it is not a question if the pooch needs a doggy bed but rather what is the best bed for the money. I would say it all depends on the dog as well. I have four dogs and they all prefer different types of bed, well, one does not like any bed. The other three like it comfy, not too soft for 2 and medium firm the other. I have been on the lookout for stylish yet comfortable dog beds that fit into our home and don’t make it look cluttered or odd looking.

You will find many cheap dog beds which are what you pay for. If you have a pooch that is not very picky where he sleeps, by all means, don’t waste your money. However, if you have one or some, like we do, they are a little more demanding and don’t just sleep on anything. If they could shop online they would be in the Luxury Dog Beds Section for sure.

I am shopping for some new, fun and unique dog beds and I came across some incredible designs. I am not sure yet which one(se) my dogs will get, but we are looking at something less mainstream and more out of this World. So here is what I found. Have fun checking these out, I did.

Now, keep in mind, these are truly the Luxury Dog Beds Creme de La Creme. Don’t let the price scare you off (I was blown away) but think of how your beloved pooch would love one of these 🙂 One can always dream!

The Bigger Luxury Dog Beds

Of course there are some more affordable dog beds, but they are not as stylish. For that price, what ‘ya expect. However, these are still very much loved by Pets around the Globe. They don’t make it in the Luxury Dog Beds Category, but I think they are still a great deal.

More Affordable but still kinda Luxury Dog Beds

I could not help but checking out the super cute and fun dog beds. I have one little guy, about 15 pound, among 3 big dogs, and I am thinking of spoiling him this Christmas with a new bed. But then, I don’t think so. He had some cute and comfy beds before, but prefers his little crate with just a foam pad. I looked them up anyway because they are too cute to not mention. Here are just some of what I found.

Luxury Dog Beds for Small Pups

Yes, they do have amazing Luxury Dog Beds for the tiniest of K-9’s. Especially the little pups love to be pampered. I think the smaller the dog the more luxury they demand. You know, like mani and pedi at the doggy spa, special food and treats, stylish doggy clothing and rides, and of course the luxury snoozing area.

Affordable Lil’ Pup Beds

These Dog Beds are very comfy and cute and a little more affordable. If you don’t need fancy, get something a little more down to earth. Unless, of course, your pup is used to the best of the best.

Click Here and check out what we bought for one of our dogs. Actually, 2 XL beds for one of our Dogs. Yes, she’s huge and loves these beds.