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How to Potty Train Your Puppy Properly

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Bringing your new Puppy home is the easy part, getting your Puppy Potty Trained takes some time, consistency and patience. It is not as difficult as it sounds, and if you follow some simple rules you too will have a potty trained pup in no time. I have been following these tips with every puppy I had in my life and while some pups take a little more time and patience, most of my puppies got the hang of it in about a week, sometimes quicker. If you have kids and remember potty training them, I promise, it will be much faster and easier with your puppy. No wait, I potty trained my kids in one day 🙂

When you remember this one major rule – “Consistency” – you are halfway there. Consistency is key to success in just about every aspect of live, for humans as well as your pets. When you create a simple schedule and follow it consistently, your puppy will learn very quickly how things work.

Feeding him at the same time each day, giving him plenty of opportunities to go potty outside, rewarding good and desired behaviour and lot’s of love will get your there quickly. It has worked for me everytime. I take my pup out first thing in the morning to go potty and play. Then he gets food and about 20 minutes later he goes potty again. Each time he plays and eats he goes out immediately and gets lots of praise. I do not clicker train nor do I use treats for training (well, once in awhile), they love the attention and praise just as much. I never had a problem not getting them housetrained.

I increase the time between potty breaks gradually over a few days. My pups are sleeping through the night without accidents at 8-10 weeks of age easily. Most important rule inside my home is that they do not get to run free unsupervised until I am confident they let me know when to go outside. When i leave for just a short period of time they are crated. I use an XL Crate to give them plenty of space and do not agree with confining them to a small space to discourage accidents. If they have to go they will and at least they have the space to not have to sit in it. I also put an extra towel inside since I have noticed they will push it into a corner and pretty much keep the mess confined and themselves clean. Note: These are things I learned over the years, not something that happens with every puppy.

When I have to be gone for longer the pups get to stay in a room in the home that is tiled. They do get  blankets, towels and toys and I also put a potty pad down just in case. None of my pups ever used the potty pad and have always been able to hold it until i came back. We do have an accident once in awhile. It is unreasonable to expect to never have mishaps, but they are never due to the puppy wanting to go inside the home. Usually it is our fault for ignoring the signs, letting them out of sight or due to a urinary tract infection or diarrhea.

When my pups start having accidents I get a urine sample to my Vet and usually it turns out my gutfeeling is right. Some antibiotics and within 12-24 hours we are back on track. The video below has some great tips. One I do not agree with is that a puppy can hold it 1 hour for every month of age. My newest pup of the family slept right through the night from the day I brought him home at the age of 8 weeks.

Keep your pup where you can hear him. He will let you know if he has to get out during the night. It is tough to get up during the night if your puppy needs to go, but make the effort, so he knows you will come when he cries for you. My pups know that if they go to the door, if they whine in the crate, if they start sniffing around the room, they will go out immediately.

My suggestion is to not stress over potty training. Use your common sense and stay calm. Don’t expect too much too soon. Think of your pup as a baby who does not know anything yet. You wouldn’t punish your child for making mistakes so be patient with your pup. No need for expensive tools and equipment. A regular schedule, plenty of time for interaction, patience and lots of praise will get your puppy trained in no time.

The video describes to the T of what I have done for all my years as a dog owner.

Watch this video to get an idea of what puppy potty training is all about!

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