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DIY Healthy and Yummy Dog Treats

Commercial Dog Food and Dog Treats may be convenient to have around the home, but they are not a healthy choice for your beloved Dogs. Just like Dog Food contains many ingredients that are not good, even unhealthy for your pups, treats contain all kind of ingredients that can cause many health problems down the road.

We have the same approach to nutrition and health care with our pets as we have for ourselves. Nothing can beat homemade. Only when you make it will you know what’s in it. It is not difficult to create a batch of yummy treats for your best friend, and you can even make it a family event. Our Kids love to help bake cookies for our dogs and horses.

Keep your pets healthy by feeding them healthy food. You know the saying: “Good Nutrition makes for a healthy body and mind!”

Check out this little tutorial and get some ideas of making your very own DIY Healthy and Yummy Dog Treats.

Tip: Make a bigger batch, take a pretty little gifts bag, fill it with your cookies and surprise one of your fellow dog lovers with your homemade treats from the heart 🙂