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De-Skunk Your Dog the Natural Way

The most awful part about getting skunked is to try to de-skunk. It is almost impossible to get rid of that awful smell. We deal with this issue about every other month. Sharing our property with wildlife such as rabbits, squirrels, coyotes and skunks among others, we get skunked at least 5 time a year.


I have tried everything on the market, every home made treatment that claims to de-skunk my dogs, to no avail. There is no one solution for this. After trying pretty much everything out there, I decided to combine products and home remedy treatments until I found what works.

I did come up with a solution. After a couple of de-skunk treatments, the smell was still slightly detectable, but almost gone. Definitely the best solution I have tried so far.

After letting my dogs out one early morning they scratched on the back door to come back in within minutes.  Not thinking anything, I opened the door and they both came running inside. I immediately smelled something terrible. At first I thought someone had burned something in the neighborhood, even worried for a second that the house is on fire.

It had been a while since we got skunked. I had forgotten that skunk oils smell somewhat like smoldering or burning stuff. I realized within seconds of letting her in that it was one of the dogs. It was too late to stop the damage.

Sadie had been rubbing all along our fabric couches and deposited the skunk oil. The whole house started filling up with the terrible smell. I kicked the stinky dog out. I had to identify every part of the couch she rubbed against and threw the cushions out as well. Now it was time to clean dog and couch.

For the longest time I have been using a DIY d-skunk treatment, but this formula by itself left too much of a smell left over. Sometimes combining treatments works and so I experimented. Here are the Items you need to replicate my treatment.