About Me

Combining my passion for photography – digital design – nature and animals.

I am passionately curious about parenting, kids, pets, animals, education, finances, lifestyles and everything inbetween. As a mom, dog – horse – bird – dragon owner, I am solution oriented and mission driven to create the best life possible for all our family members. My opinions are bluntly honest and to the point. Information is electic and entertaining, and everything else you find here is engaging and relatable.

My 2 children are my biggest motivator at this stage of my life. To guide them and give them the tools to become confident, productive and upstanding members of society is my everyday focus. My everyday challenge is to shield them from the immoral, unethical and downright destructive influences at a young age, and to properly explain and discourage these very same behaviours as they get older. The biggest accomplishment for me as a parent will be to look back one day and realize that I have raised successful, self sufficient, disciplined and respectful children.

Besides Moi, my Husband and my 2 incredible Children, our family consists of 5 amazing Dogs, 4 beautiful Horses, 2 Cockatiels and 1 Bearded Dragon. Duchess is a rather large Rottweiler girl who thinks she is a lap dog. Sadie, a cute mix we adopted from a rescue organization, who fiercely defends her bones. Ace, a little papillon, who thinks he is a big dog, and Duke, the biggest baby ever. Our horses names are Nacho, Sterx, Blue and Fabio. Nacho is a very curious Oldenburg who is smart as a whip and will be well over 18hh when fully grown. Sterx is our super smart Russian Ex-Circus Horse who was adopted out of a sad situation. He still knows some of his tricks and is blind in one eye. Blue was adopted before endingup in a bad situation and has now completely healed from repeated torn tendons. And then there is Fabio. His mane is something women dream about. Long, silky and flowing. He is our super performance Reigner and my daughter competes with him. He is super cute and has the cutest face. They are often featured on my equine focused website www.HorseShoeNation.com. Our birds names are Putzi, a yellow Spaniard Cockatiel, and Nicki, a grey speckled Cockatiel. Dante, our Bearded Dragon is a cool reptile. She loves roaming in the yard, eating all kind of stuff we had to get used to handling 😉 and is super curious.

Enjoy looking around!