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How to Best Shorten Your Dog’s Nails

trimming dog nails

Learning How to shorten your Dog’s Nails is something every dog owner should know, but most feel uncomfortable to perform. Many pet owners try this grooming part once and vowe to never attempt it again after cutting into the quick. It is not as simple as cutting your own nails, particularly when your dog has dark or black nails.

What is the Best Equipment

So how can you get more confident to perform this seemingly simple beauty treatment on your K-9? First of all find out what equipment you would be most comfortable with. Dog Nail Clippers can be very intimidating and can cause more damage quicker if improperly used. Dog Nail Files are an option but take a long time on 20+ Nails. The quickest and safest tool is a Dremel Dog Nail Trimmer. The cordless version gives you the freedom to relax in your dog’s favorite spot when you get down to grooming the nails.

The more often you trim or grind the less you have to take off at a time. Learning how to identify the quick makes the whole process of shortening your Dog’s Nails much less scary and painful. Practice different techniques and find out what you are most comfortable with.

The Most Important Part

Work with your dog and prepare him. A desensitized dog is much easier to work with. If you previously hurt your dog trimming his nails by cutting into his quick, you may have to work a little harder and be a little more patient on gaining his trust back. Start with little steps, even if you hardly get to take off any nail at the beginning, small steps will lead to big results at the end.

Watch this clip to get some great tips and tricks to get your dog to cooperate!